About the project

SponsorHER is an empowerment initiative with the objective of facilitating small business grants for nano-scale female entrepreneurs between the ages of 16 and 35 in low-income communities. Although this project focuses on women, it is a pipeline-blocking project. If women are lifted out of poverty, they are more likely to look after their children who will less likely become marginalized youths. 


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What's Next?

Having concluded the first cycle of SponsorHER in Ijeshatedo community. We are currently scoping low income communities in Lagos state for 10 to 20 women who will be the beneficiaries for cycle 2. 


We select the sponsored women organically leveraging our relationship with local community leaders. The women are selected using the following criteria:
  • 18 to 35 
  • Business owners or skilled workers
  • Breadwinner of the family with more than one child or dependent. 
We then use a test of vulnerability to further narrow the pool of potential beneficiaries. 

When a woman is sponsored, she has a consultation with our business adviser to determine the best use of the grant. Usually, it would be the purchase of inventory, equipment, tools, and/or the building of a shed. To ensure the grant is used for its intended purpose, we never hand over the funds to the sponsored woman. Instead, we directly pay for whatever is needed to scale the business as agreed by the sponsored woman and business adviser. 

We send details of the sponsored woman’s business advisory as well as how the grant was spent to the sponsor. We also revisit the sponsored woman after the 3 months to assess how she has managed her business and provide more business advice. 

How to support

If you would like to sponsor a woman in the next cycle of our SponsorHER Initiative, Please send an email to [email protected].