About Us

About US

Who we are

We are a registered charity led by young Nigerians who are conscious of the critical role that every Nigerian youth must play in the emergence of a better Nigeria.

Founder’s Message


Founder and Director

In the aftermath of the EndSARs protests, it became clear to me that there are two kinds of young Nigerians; the young professional or entrepreneur (that like I to call the 1%) and those our society have or will soon name “hoodlums”, “area boys” and “agbero” (that I like to call the 99%). They are your average Nigerian who bears the brunt of the structural and economic issues in Nigeria but are not equipped and motivated to get involved in nation-building.

Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper; “A Theory of Human Motivation” submitted the idea. that human beings are only motivated for higher goals (like active citizenship and nation-building for example) when their basic needs (food, security and safety) are met. I founded The Velocity Initiative on this idea.

Our work at Velocity Initiative through our mission pathways is focused on empowering marginalised young Nigerians to attain their highest potential so that they may aspire to higher goals like nation-building and active citizenship. I believe that young Nigerians by virtue of being the majority are uniquely placed and in fact have a duty to usher in a new Nigeria. This duty belongs to every young Nigerian – the 1% and the 99%. Project Nigeria is an all-hands initiative.

Our Vision

A Nigeria where every young Nigerian is empowered to attain their highest potential as individuals and active citizens contributing to the development of the nation.

Our Mission

To create hubs in underserved communities where young Nigerians are equipped with the tools and support necessary to attain their highest potential. 

Our Mission Pathways

Ease, Enlighten and Activate are inspired by Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory which postulates that individuals can only reach self-actualisation (be active and impactful citizens in their communities and indeed their country) when their basic needs are met. 


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Our Core Values

Empathetic Service

We get it and we want to help make things better! Our commitment is rooted in empathy and service - getting a deep understanding of the pain points of our target communities and doing the work to develop sustainable solutions.


We acknowledge that in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, it can be easy to give up or believe only in the worst outcomes. This is why at Velocity optimism is a core value. It is a badge we wear with great pride as we do the work we set out to do and spread hope.


Community to us means inclusivity and collective action. All of us working together, lifting each other up for today and tomorrow.

Our Global Goals