Thank you for considering a volunteer opportunity with The Velocity Initiative. Volunteering is one of the most rewarding endeavours any individual can pursue because of its far-reaching impact. Every minute you spend volunteering with the Velocity Initiative counts towards achieving our mission of an empowered and enlightened youth population in Nigeria. 


“If our hopes of building a better world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever” - Kofi Annan

Benefits of Volunteering

Contribute to an impact story  

The work we do at The Velocity Initiative changes the lives of our beneficiaries and their families. It returns lost hope and sets them on the path of financial freedom and active citizenship. See some of our impact stories You become a part of these impact stories when you volunteer; there is no feeling that is more satisfying. 

Make your resume stand out 

Most employers and universities pay special attention to individuals who believe in and are actively involved in a social cause through volunteering. 

Upskill yourself

The great thing about volunteering is you don’t need a special qualification to make an impact or contribute. All you need is a willingness to learn. You would be surprised at some of the transferable skills and hard skills you can develop from volunteering that could be beneficial to you in other areas of life. 


By volunteering, you would be expanding your network and potentially making life-long, life-minded connections. Who knows where these connections could lead!

Volunteer Opportunities

Our work at The Velocity Initiative is rooted in the community. Therefore our initiatives often involve elements of fieldwork which could involve a variety of activities such as carrying out community needs assessment, organic community engagement, coordinating the execution of specific projects such as upskillme, crowd control, distributing food and other materials, and generally engaging with our beneficiaries. 

This would be right for you if you enjoy physical activity, meeting and interacting with new people. We also require photographers, videographers and first-aiders.

At The Velocity Initiative, we are committed to having impactful and safe initiatives for our beneficiaries and volunteers. Therefore, a great deal of work is invested in the planning of our initiatives. So If you are more inclined to volunteer for off-field activities, there is a place for you at The Velocity Initiative, there is a place for you. 

You could get involved in the following ways:

  • Volunteer project management.
  • Social media and engagement. 
  • Fundraising. 
  • Grant writing 

Want to go a bit further and be a part of the team that drives the strategic direction of the organisation? Then perhaps you might be interested in being an  Executive Member of the organisation. (Please send an email to executivemember@velocityinitiative.org to indicate your interest and a team member will get in touch with you)

Required Volunteering Hours

We appreciate any time you can spare to volunteer with us. Therefore we do not make any demands on your time. However, if you complete 40 hours of service with us, we will issue a certificate of community service for the 40 hours and every incremental 40 hours. We will also give you a special shout-out on our social media pages! 

If required we can also provide references for university applications and job applications. To qualify for this, you would have had to complete 120 hours of service. 

Volunteers FAQs

To volunteer with The Velocity Initiative, you must be 16+

Generally, no. However, if you are volunteering to be a first aider or in legal; the requisite certification or qualification would be required.

The scope of work of a volunteer at The Velocity Initiative is largely divided into “Field” and “Off-Field”. Alternatively, contact us or email volunteer@velocityinitiative.org if you want to discuss this a bit more.

We make no demands on your time. However, volunteers who log 40 hours of service receive a certificate of community service. Also, if you log 120 hours of service, we would be willing to give you a work and character reference.

Absolutely. However, it might be good to discuss this with a member of our volunteer team who will explore what we can do to retain your service if we can.

Yes, you will. We want you to be comfortable and safe during fieldwork

We make sure that all precautive measures are taken to ensure your safety. All our projects are scoped for safety, and you can be sure that the team will be available to help in times of crisis.

A certificate of recognition will be awarded to volunteers who complete 40 hours of service 

Please contact us here to reach out to a member of our volunteer team or email us at volunteer@velocityinitiative.org.