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Our work at N-YEP is rooted in community. Therefore our initiatives often involve elements of fieldwork which could involve a variety of activities such as serving food, distributing raw food items and relief items such as (masks and disinfectants), crowd control, needs assessment, etc

This would be right for you if you are passionate about Nigeria, enjoy physical activity, meeting, and interacting with new people. We also require photographers, videographers, and first-aiders.


At N-YEP, we are committed to having impactful and safe initiatives for our beneficiaries and volunteers. Therefore, a great deal of work is invested in the planning and execution of our initiatives.

If you are more inclined to volunteer for off-field activities, there is a place for you at N-YEP!

We have volunteer opportunities in the following areas; 

  • Legal 

  • Accounting 

  • HR 

  • Corporate 

  • Admin 

  • Web Designing 

If your area of expertise is not listed above, we still want to hear from you!